Greetings to all my friends and family. I have finally, after far too many years, updated the website to reflect the changes in my life. One of the biggest changes is that I have the wonderful Carol Pruzan in my life again after 40 plus years. I think the other two that are most significant would have to be having my music back again, and IBM pushing me into an unwilling and early retirement.

As part of this new website, I will be including copies of my original music, and if I can make some good recordings, the inclusion of some music files, lyrics and chords. All the music that I post is considered copyrighted material, but if anyone likes something and wishes to perform it for profit, I ask only that you contact me to let me know in advance.

I will also be posting some photos and family news as the days progress. I am going to attempt to be more active in keeping this current. Let me know what your thoughts are, and I may even include you here as well!!

Click on projects (above) to go to my project page. From there, links are available from which you can reach my music, movies and other things that might be of interest.